Meet Craig

Meet Craig

Meet Craig, who is sharing his story about how becoming active has helped him manage his mental health…

After suffering from poor mental health for the last 10 years, Craig, 39, decided to make a positive change in his life.

A suicide attempt was the turning point for him and he’s now embedded regular physical activity into his daily routine to manage his anxiety and depression.

Craig said: “When I found myself in hospital after a suicide attempt, I realised that I needed to take control, prioritise my health and do something that would help me manage my anxiety and depression long-term.

I made a pledge to make exercise a regular part of my day and found that getting out of the house and being in the fresh air really helped my mood and motivation throughout the day.

If you have depression, just getting out of bed can be an enormous challenge but planning physical activity can give you structure to your day. Once you are up and out of that door, you have already achieved something to be proud of and that’s the first step.

I think Together We Move is a fantastic idea because it only takes one person to get you motivated and start your journey.”

Craig is now inspiring others to walk and run in the beautiful local countryside through a dedicated Facebook and Instagram page designed to document his journey and support others suffering with poor mental health.

Like Craig, you too can pledge to help encourage, support and motivate your friends and family to become more active.

To get involved and make a pledge

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