Rossendale carpenter chisels out time for fitness 

Rossendale carpenter chisels out time for fitness 

After years of sitting down all day, a former solicitor-turned-carpenter now uses running as a way of prioritising his health.  

Abdul Sattar Khan, 43, from Rawtenstall, uses running as an outlet to manage his health and keep ahead of a poor diet – which is his biggest struggle.  

The father-of-three said early starts and long hours mean it’s difficult to eat well-balanced meals. So, to counteract his sweet tooth and tendency to snack, Abdul laces up his trainers and goes for a run after work to stay in shape. 

He explains: “Feeling healthy is so important and running helps me to keep in shape and focus my mind.  

“I used to be a big fan of CrossFit but I find that running takes less preparation. I can easily fit it around other things in my life and it’s a great way of working on your core strength.   

“Running makes me feel good, helps me wind down and gives me targets to aim for.” 

Abdul believes in the concept ‘You are the company you keep’.   

“A lot of my friends are runners and that has really spurred me on. We maintain a healthy competition between ourselves and we are into fitness apps, trainers, clothing etc. Lots of our conversations revolve around running, weight management and fitness and this helps to keep one ‘in the game’ and motivated”. 

“Healthy competition encourages you to keep going and means you have people to chat with about techniques, tips and experiences.   

Abdul is backing the new Together We Move campaign – which aims to encourage active people to support and motivate their friends and family to try new activities and the benefits they bring.  

Abdul said: “If you’re trying to be healthier, surround yourself with people who have a similar goal.   

“Set yourself small targets and look at your diet – it’s got to be a holistic approach.”   

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